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Thinking that cosmetics are living cells rather than they are simple paints for our skin, we are making continued efforts to produce better cosmetics with mild, less-stimulative, natural vegetable ingredients.

① Authentication
  Functional cosmetics of Handock Cosmetics
- SPELA Whitening Essence No. 195-1
- SPELA Whitening Cream No. 195-2
- SPELA White Serum No. 195-3
- SPELA UV Sun BLock Cream No. 195-4
- SPELA Homme White Hydro Emulsion No. 195-5
- SPELA Homme White Aqua Skin No. 195-6
- SPELA Wrinkle Eye Cream No. 195-9
- SPELA Gold Herbal Extract Cream No.195-10
② Patent application and registration
  April 2004 Applied for the patent on the "highly-moist cosmetic composite containing unsaturated Resichen (NO. 10-2004-0027283)."